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His voice acting biography, if that of a typical  Generation Y young man, Christian Landerberg was born on the 11 of June 1992. He is a self-taught English speaker, even though he was raised in Sweden. He delivers both Voice Overs, Narrations and Character Voices in English and Swedish.

Christian has a life-long passion, for cartoons and game. He spends much of his free time, further expanding his library of enjoyable character voices, and the anime, gaming, and animation realm.

When not devoting his spare time to voice overs, Christian works as a truck-driver and salesman for a local bread company, delivering product to his customers along the coast of Sweden. Guess you can say he is the "bread man" to many.

Time not spent glued to a microphone, or work, Christian spends free time with friends, or creative arts such as writing, painting, or a variety of textile work.

It is well known that if Christian is motivated, or inspired with a good idea, he makes it happen. Old cars, hitting conventions, or just riding his motorcycle, are a few recreational activities never of the table.

christian landerberg voice artist

His Voice Over Approach

You will be wording with a voice talent, whom clearly understands the meaning of; "being directed".

Christian has a natural instinct when it comes to "listening to direction" and client input. He is a pro voice acting talent.

His approach is simple and straight forward. Understand what the client wants, interpret and own the script, then deliver the voice overs as a voice artist on-time!

His Voice Overs Genres

Below are the primary voice over genres offered by Voice Actor, Voice Over Talent and Narrator Christian Landerberg! You will soon find, he is very diverse.

anime voice actor christian landerberg


video game & app voice acting

-totally unique and diverse voice acting from christian landerberg.

narrations by christian landerberg


radio & television voice overs

-professoinal, modern broadcast voice over from christian landerberg.

game voice over talent christian landerberg


cartoon & toy character voices

-creative, original cartoon and game voices from christian landerberg.

narratior christian landerberg


narrations & audiobook

-warm, honest documentary and narration services from christian landerberg.

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