Christian Landerberg Debuts On ZombieGoBoom!

Christian Landerberg Debuts On ZombieGoBoom!

Today ZombieGoBoom released the first ZOMBIE slashing episode featuring narration by yours truly, Christian Landerberg! Se there channel HERE!

Do you feel the need to know what to bring during the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE? Then the guys on ZombieGoBoom will show you! I have been following there videos for quite some time, and i´m super exited to be providing narration for my favorite ZOMBIE KILLERS on YouTube!

They try out what weapons CAN or CAN´T kill a ZOMBIE, and what gear will help you survive. Using anatomically correct zombie heads they show you the REAL DAMAGE, this episode featuring two blades from ZOMBIETOOLS.NET!

Check out there videos, LIKE and SUBSCRIBE, You don´t want to miss this!

Regards Christian Landerberg


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